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This is my inaugural post and I have put it off for a very long time.  I had a blog once upon a time (*ahem*...10 years ago) but I deleted the entire thing and went off the grid for awhile.  I love writing, I love connecting so I'm back.

So, this is me.  My name is Amanda and I live in Louisville, KY.  I'm not going to hide anything.  Sure, there are weirdos out there but I'll handle that should I ever need to and, well, I'm pretty boring.  Back to me:

Oh, my gosh!  I'm so skinny!  This picture is about 3 years old but it's all I've got.  Add about 20 lbs and a few wrinkles to the face, about 3 inches of length to the hair and that's about right.  It's pre-baby so I'm giving myself some grace.
I am trained as a mental health therapist, an ABA therapist, and I have worked in just about any social services setting you can imagine.  I have been cussed at, spit at, pooped on and all of that trained me for being the best toddler mom ever.  Kidding, …

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