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Friday Favorites: March 30, 2018

Well, a week has gone by without a blog post.  To my defense, it's been a whirlwind.  Let's do a link-up.  Shall we?

Linking up this Friday with these fine ladies:

This week will be a short post.  I'm a little crabby this Friday and the week has been one for the books.  Rather than list my favorites, I'm just going to do a little update instead.  Especially since I have been a major blog slacker recently.

1. We had a lot of 3 year old 'moments'.
These include things like clearly putting a green marker in our mouth, refusing to see the doctor by sitting under the desk, having a tantrum on a wet sidewalk, and rounding out our week with a trip to the park and dinner out.  Thankfully, she loves going to restaurants so going out to eat is usually pretty fun.

2. Pre-op Appointment.
Yep.  Trigger Finger.  We are preparing for a little surgery next week on her left thumb.  But she loves going to this particular dr.'s office because they have a (very loud) Mickey Mo…

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